Our Mission

What is most precious to people? For many, it is their cherished, golden memories – the hallowed stories of their lives. Even more precious are the venerable seniors who have truly remarkable stories to tell, and who should tell them – while they still can. Indeed, they should quickly preserve such memories – for themselves, and for future generations.

Unfortunately, besides being precious, such memories are evanescent and ethereal. In a second they can vanish, like wisps of autumn smoke at dusk, thereafter lost for all time. These are stories that should be told – but often are not. However, just like Boswell’s magnum opus, these biographies can now live forever – right here, at MY BOSWELL, the Internet’s premier new media biography website.

The mission of MY BOSWELL, named in honor of James Boswell, the biographer’s biographer, author of the immortal The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., is to help preserve these priceless memories forever, in the form of new media biographies. Such online “mini-memoirs” can consist of text, photos, video, audio and other new media forms and links. MY BOSWELL plans, designs, and creates these compelling biographies, and then provides an elegant online portal visitors can access 24/7/365 to read, experience, and cherish the expertly prepared biographies of their loved ones.

Preserve Your Heritage

Do you have an important story to tell? Does an older relative? It is vital to preserve such significant memories – the story of lives well lived – a heritage of inestimable value for younger family members, as well as the generations yet to come. Think about it: For future descendants, you, as well as your elderly living relatives, will be the misty ancestors they will want to know all about. Your memories are true treasures, the endearing – and it is hoped, enduring – stories of lives well lived. As such, they are priceless, a gift for the ages. Don’t lose them. Take action now, today, while time remains to do so. Memories are fleeting dreams. Catch them before they fade forever.

Mickey Murphy © 2015 MMMurphy

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